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Couples Portrait Session

Searching for a unique gift for your special someone? Consider a Couples Portrait Session

This post is an example of a couple’s photoshoot. See for yourself how much fun they had and the amazing images they have to share and cherish.

Studio Props

Props can make an image more interesting and-or show your interests. We have some fun studio props and encourage you to bring some of your own.

Full-length Portrait

A clean background eliminates distractions and draws attention to the couple.

Jim and Pam chose a seamless white background to provide a clean, bright, and cheerful look.

Note: It takes a fully equipped studio to produce a high-quality, full-length couples portrait. 

A closeup provides for an intimate couple’s portrait.

We provide real-time coaching on posing to capture the image that you want.

Note: The soft gray vignette is produced with lighting techniques and in post-processing.


For a natural setting, we stepped out onto the patio.

To control the light, we surrounded the couple with white shade material and illuminated them with the same lights and softboxes used inside.


Their look says it all.

We moved out into the sun to backlight the couple’s hair and shoulders. A large white reflector was used to provide fill light on their faces.

Reserve a day for your couple’s session, enjoy the experience, and have amazing pictures to remember.

There are many reasons to have your portrait professionally made, what is yours?

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