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Portraits are priceless; They will be cherished for decades

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Keep up with the latest in how we are providing amazing personal photoshoot experiences.

Digital Backgrounds

Digital Backgrounds Did you know that you can select alternative backgrounds for your Professional Headshot? This post is an example of a professional headshot with the

Makeup Services

Want help with makeup Before a photography session you may want to have professional help with makeup.  Following are some local options that you can

Seminar Headshots

SeminarHeadshots Group Event? Consider  Headshots for Attendees This post is an example of a group headshots at a company-sponsored seminar. Providing professional headshots for attendees

Company Headshots

Comapny Headshots Organizations are always changing. You need updated pictures of your team members. Call us to set up a Company Headshot Session This post

Couples Session

Couples Portrait Session Searching for a unique gift for your special someone? Consider a Couples Portrait Session This post is an example of a couple’s

Portrait Winner

Studio Portrait Winner The winner of the drawing for a Studio Headshot at the Photography Showcase from Capture Me in Pictures was Felicia Dolan. Studio Portrait

Photo Exhibit 2023

Don’t Miss this Photography Exhibition Exhibit-only discounts on your portrait session from Capture Me in Pictures Public Welcome Please plan to attend the Photography Exhibition

Halloween Portraits

Halloween Portraits At Capture Me in Pictures, we have fun shooting holiday portraits. Dark Hooded Image In addition to a key and fill light, and

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Summer photoshoot Summer is defined by light cool colors. What better outfit for a warm season photoshoot than a pink dress. Close

You Need a New Headshot

You know that you need a new headshot when … Your profile image is a selfie You posted a silly animal as your profile image


Questions to Ask Photographers before hiring See our answers Who to Chose? All professional photographers have DSLRs (aka “Big Cameras”), but which ones have the

Example Photoshoot

What could your personal photoshoot experience be like at Capture Me in Pictures? Let’s walk through an example of a unique personalized photoshoot provided to


Studio Backgrounds At Capture Me in Pictures, we are expanding options for studio backgrounds. Here are some of the choices. Classic white A white background

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