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What could your personal photoshoot experience be like at Capture Me in Pictures?

Let’s walk through an example of a unique personalized photoshoot provided to one of our satisfied clients. 


In her first session, Carol prioritized her business headshot for the musical non-profit that she works for.  She chose the neutral beige backdrop then selected clothing that coordinated including the personalized coffee mug.

This is our Neutral Beige backdrop and a five-light set up with softboxes to illuminate Carol’s full-length portrait.

Next we set up her harp to show her playing this beautiful Instrument, which sounds as amazing as it looks! 


Dance Shots

Carol is also an enthusiastic ballroom dancer. For this full-length studio shot she chose to have a shot with our abstract painting and a second using the black backdrop to place the focus on the bright orange dress.


Carol loves the outdoors, so Next we moved the lights outside to make a quick shot with the harp in front of the water feature.

Then she put on her binoculars to show her interest in bird watching.


Carol also enjoys horseback riding, so she changed into her cowgirl outfit.  She did not bring a horse 😊, but we enjoy going to local sites to capture you in your favorite places.

Here is what Carol has to say about her photoshoot experience

"What a delight to be the 'star' in the photos of my life's passions! Steve and Judy did a fantastic job of coaxing the right pose or look. My friends and family responses are like mine; WOW, these are the best ever photos of you"
Carol Spears

Be the model in your personal photoshoot!

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