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Pretty in Pink

Summer photoshoot

Summer is defined by light cool colors. What better outfit for a warm season photoshoot than a pink dress.

Close up

In this headshot, Judy is leaning against a wall next to a sliding door with soft light streaming in from the outside.

Fill light was added using a strobe and a 42″ softbox positioned to camera right.

As with all of our images, this one was post-processed in Adobe Lightroom. 


A reflection in a mirror or window can make a dramatic impact to an image.

The viewer’s eyes have more to explore in the picture.

seated on


For another setting, Judy moved to the outdoor patio. Harsh sunlight was filtered by a large 9′ x 20′ white photographic fabric. Fill light was provided by a strobe and 42″ softbox.


The patio pergola column adds a solid structure to this outdoor portrait and provides a place for Judy to place her hands. She was positioned so that dappled sunlight touched her shoulder and arm, but not her face.  Fill light was provided by a strobe and large softbox.

Let us put you in your best light!

What seasonal clothes will you wear in your personal photoshoot?


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