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Group Event? Consider  Headshots for Attendees

This post is an example of a group headshots at a company-sponsored seminar.

Providing professional headshots for attendees is a delighter

A neutral gray background is a standard for professional headshots

Multi-Point Lighting

All of the headshots in this post were taken with four off-camera flashes and softboxes.

We are careful to avoid reflections in eyeglasses.

Large Curved Reflector

We have the equipment and talent.

A Large Curved Reflector was utilized at waist height to fill shadows below the chin and to provide a flattering accent catchlight in the lower half of the eyes.


We can make localized adjustments to images. In this case, the background exposure and color were shifted to better match the subject. 

Portrait Enhancements

Their look says it all.

Our standard post-processing of headshots includes blemish removal, skin smoothing, teeth whitened, and eyes brightened.


We coach subjects on posing and take headshots in a variety of positions to find the very best angle. 

Book us for your group event and provide professional headshots to your attendees!

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