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Studio Backgrounds

At Capture Me in Pictures, we are expanding options for studio backgrounds. Here are some of the choices.

Classic white

A white background is timeless.  It is bright and conveys energy, yet highlights you in a glow. White is appropriate for almost any use.

We have white backgrounds from a portable collapsable size for headshots, to 8-foot Westcott brand fabric, all the way to a 7-foot wide Savage brand seamless paper roll for a high-key full-length portrait. 

Neutral Gray

A solid neutral gray background is commonly used in professional headshots or social media profiles.

We have gray fabric background in a 5’x7′ size which can also be used in conjunction with the portable collapsable unit.  The lightness-darkness and gradient of the gray background can be controlled with the intensity of the backlight.

This is our Neutral Beige backdrop and a four-light set up with softboxes to illuminate your full-length portrait.

Neutral Beige

To provide a neutral color option for full-length shots, we have a blended Neutral Beige canvas backdrop.  The soft taupe gray complements most skin tones and clothing colors.  It is a popular choice.



For another light tone option, we have added a cement gray monochromatic background. This background is appropriate for both business headshots and casual full-length portraits.

Cement Gray


Teal Gray

One of our newest backdrops is Teal-Gray

Teal Gray



Another of latest backdrops is Dark Blue



For a little more drama, we have added a dark gray-tone monochromatic background which I call dark charcoal. 

Dark Charcoal


If you want to create some mystery in your portrait, then go with black.  By using lower lighting on one side, the subject seems to blend into the background.  This technique can also make you look slimmer.

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